Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pépé Le Perp

Once DSK was back on home soil, the French wasted no time incorporating him into their famous “Les Guignols d’info” ( A satirical TV show that airs on Canal +). The latex puppet of Dominique Strauss-Kahn wears an expensive, leopard print silk robe, wide open to reveal masses of chest hair. His wife, former television journalist, Anne Sinclair is also depicted. An example of dialogue: DSK asks his wife what they are having for dinner, when she hesitates, he suggests they order pizza. Then we see DSK in the luxe kitchen of his Paris home dialing up various pizza places that deliver (including Pizza Hut and Dominos) asking the if they have ‘des livreuses.’ Nope, that’s not a kind of pizza, it’s French for ‘delivery woman.’ Finally, after calling five pizza places and being told they don’t have female delivery personnel, Anne Sinclair says, “Gimme that phone. At this rate we’ll never get our dinner.” Next, Anne walks in on her husband sitting in their living room next to a young, hot, blonde wearing a low cut top. She asks him who the woman is. He tells her it is “Rachelle, the babysitter.” Anne replies, “But our daughter is 26 years old!” DSK says, “Gosh, they grow up fast!” as he leers at the babysitter's rack. If you understand French and want to see some of these hilarious shorts for yourself simply google: DSK and les guignols. Of course, one of the downsides of DSK being freed is that Manhattan journalists will no longer have the opportunity to practice their high school French. Some of the nicknames they came up with were quite clever including, Pépé Le Perp and my personal fave: Le Frisky Frog

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