Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to An American Mommy in Paris

As a lifelong Francophile and now resident of the City of Lights I’m fed up with all the books on life in Paris that give a starry eyed account of living here. I also noticed that no one has ever written about life in Paris from a stay at home mom’s point of view. So, because I spend a lot of time at home (and thus have access to my computer all day-albeit sometimes while breastfeeding a baby) I decided to start a blog about my experiences. This is not a tourist blog written by some moron who spent a few weeks in Paris in the summer and thus decides they are an expert. This is a blog written by someone who has lived here more than five years, whose kids go to the local school and who speaks and understands French fluently enough to know when the Parisians are insulting her (which is quite often). On this blog you will find everything from ranting about stuff that bugs me to ravings about stuff that thrills me and everything in between. I am neither a tour guide, nor an expert on France, nor do I claim to be. I’m just an American Mommy in Paris and here’s how I see things.

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