Monday, January 31, 2011

No prescription? No problem!

So, to my horror, I discovered recently that I was out of my prescription medication to manage the pain I experience once a month...yes, cramps. I freaked out on the spot. My next appointment with my ob/gyn wasn't for several months and trying to get a message to her through her bitchy secretary was almost impossible. The only option I had was to drive out to the American Hospital and try and gain a personal audience with my ob/gyn by bugging the shit out of the aforementioned bitchy secretary. Or was it? On a whim, I decided to visit my pharmacie across the street and attempt to employ an American tactic: get the pharmacist to call my doctor's office and get the okay for a refill. I had never tried this before and wasn't sure what kind of reception the suggestion would receive. Turns out I needn't have worried. When I asked the pharmacist to call my doc to okay a refill, she did me one better. She refilled the prescription without getting authorization of any kind! That's right, you read that correctly. I had no refills left but seeing that I was 'in pain' she said she would be happy to 'dépanné' me some (dépanné-the French verb meaning 'to give temporary help' however a more accurate translation in this case would be to 'tide one over.) When I finally saw my ob/gyn (who is also an American) and told her what happened, she seemed unfazed. "What else would they give me here, without a prescription?" I asked incredulously. "You'd be surprised," she replied. I bet I would.

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