Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vive la Cinnabon!

A week ago today, Jean Dujardin became the first Frenchman ever to win the Oscar for best actor. I didn't see 'The Artist' but I am an ardent follower of everything Oscar (including and especially) the pre-show on the Red Carpet. Watching ABC's Robin Roberts interview him I learned some fascinating facts about 'The Artist' and Monsieur Dujardin. The film was shot entirely in Los Angeles over a four month period AND Monsieur Dujardin (whose last name literally means 'of the garden') had never lived in the United States before making the film. When asked what he liked best about living in Los Angeles he responded: 'the lights, the energy and the cinnamon rolls' (specifically: Cinnabon cinammon rolls). I laughed out loud at that one thinking to myself, "This John of the Garden is full of surprises." Turns out that wasn't the last of the surprises Monsieur would provide at the Oscars. Overcome with emotion during his acceptance speech he excitedly let loose with a string of French words, one of which was 'putain' (which is generally regarded as the F word in France). Of course, it totally slipped by US censors who didn't bleep it out like they should have, which made it all the more hilarious! So, to recap, the key to being able to swear on television in the US and NOT get bleeped out by censors is to do if FAST and in FRENCH.