Sunday, January 20, 2013


Wow! Does it get any more egotistically sociopathic than this guy? He goes on national TV to supposedly 'come clean' about his drug use and still manages to come off as rude, arrogant and flippant? Remember this isn't just about a guy who doped and denied it. This was about a guy who doped, forced his teammates to dope and UTTERLY DESTROYED anyone who tried to expose him. At one point during the interview Armstrong was asked about the people he had sued. He admitted he couldn't even remember how MANY he had sued over the years. But, THE most telling part of the interview came when Lance tried to make light of his past VICIOUSNESS by joking that, even though he tried to destroy Betsy Andreu (the wife of a former teammate Frankie Andreu)by calling her a bitch and crazy, 'I never called her fat.' And then he SMIRKED. This guy is Narcissus in the FLESH. Lance wasn't the LEAST bit REMORSEFUL in this interview and you know why? Because he doesn't give a CRAP about the lives he ruined and otherwise turned upside-down. It's all a show being orchestrated for one self-serving purpose: he just wants to get his ban lifted so he can compete again. His competitive spirit overcame his judgment and he doped; denying the rightful winners their place in history. For that alone, everyone (including his OWN kids ) should SHUN him and let him live out his sad, self-serving, self-promoting life MISERABLE and ALONE!