Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stop Pissing in Public!

So, to continue along the same lines as the last post (why not?) I have to say one thing that I will never got used to in this city is the sight of individuals relieving themselves in public. While this type of behavior is to be expected of bums (either in Europe or Stateside) what is unexpected is the amount of well-dressed individuals I encounter urinating on public streets. If I had a Euro for every time I came across a well-dressed man standing with his Johnson in his hand, urinating into the gutter (in full view of my two young children), I’d be a rich woman today. I want to shout at him, “Sir, if you can afford that suit, you can afford to pay two Euros to use a public toilet!” Apparently, this type of behavior is illegal but rarely punished because it’s just not a big deal to the French.

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  1. When others ask your children what their most vivid memory of France is, I hope their response it not "people peeing the streets." Let us hope. =)