Monday, October 3, 2011

Italian Injustice

This whole Amanda Knox business is just another example of how Italy is being run by a bunch of dumbbells. As if Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s corruption and sex scandals were not enough, now the entire Italian justice system is slowly becoming the laughing stock of Europe (if not the world) as they continue to railroad an innocent college student because they are too stubborn to admit they were wrong.
Let’s review the facts, shall we?

1) The day the murder was discovered, Amanda Knox was taken into custody and interrogated all night without an attorney or translator present.

2) No reliable or credible evidence has ever placed Amanda Knox (and her supposed accomplice-her Italian boyfriend at the time-Raffaele Sollecito), at the scene of the crime.

3) The only physical evidence found on the murder victim’s body did not come from Knox or her boyfriend.

4) The Italian prosecutor in charge of the Knox case, Giuliano Mignini, has a history of railroading foreigners into false confessions AND is currently under indictment for misconduct.

Prosecutors maintain that Knox’s roommate was killed by her and her boyfriend ‘in a drug-fueled rage’. Since when has POT (the ‘drug’ in question) ever fueled anything but the MUNCHIES?

Her first conviction was a shocking miscarriage of justice. Let’s hope this time around the Italians get it right. This case should make every American student contemplating study abroad rethink their plans. Especially if you’re thinking of studying in Italy.


  1. It seems that justice has prevailed and she won her Appeal. I don't think any justice system is completely free from bias and misdirection either, as a fire investigator I am frequently appalled at the 'evidence' accepted by some US courts in trials for which the Death Penalty applies. Much of it would be rejected out of hand in most European Courts and British ones.

    Frankly many juries are simply not capable of making informed or unbiased decisions and I say that sadly from experience.

  2. What a terrible story...I really need to read the news. Since I moved to Beijing I have just stopped reading/watching the news at all. Its sad I know. Great post

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