Wednesday, October 19, 2011

C'est une fille!

Madame Sarkozy has finally given birth, and c'est une fille. I was a little surpised to find out she did so at a public clinique rather than a more exclusive private hospital. According to Le Figaro Nicolas Sarkozy is the first sitting president to become a father in France's history. His advisors are hoping the excitement over the birth will give his approval ratings a boost (which are even further in the crapper than Obama's). And apparently, nobody is more excited that the pregnancy is over that Madame Sarkozy herself who recently confessed that she was anxious to 'get it over with' so she could have a drink and a cigarette. Spoken like a true femme française. The rumor swirling around online is that the kid has been named, believe it or not, Dahlia. Let's hope to hell that's not true.

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