Thursday, September 15, 2011

Merci, Jean-Louis B!

Thank God for Jean-Louis B is all I can say. Next time I’m at a party and I hear Frenchies complaining about how ridiculously litigious the United States is, I can cite this case: A 47 year old woman from Nice sued her husband for divorce (on the grounds that he failed to perform his ‘husbandly’ duties in the boudoir for several years) and WON! Not only that, she was awarded ten thousand Euros in punitive damages! However, more shocking that this judgement, was my discovery that a law referring to the ‘devoir conjugal’ (literally conjugal duties) of husbands and wives actually existed in France until its abolition in 1990. That’s right, there was actually a law on the books that specifically said that once married, you were required to have sex with your spouse. Although, no time frame or frequency of occurance was specified. I guess they left that up to each individual couple. How nice of them. In addition, you might be interested to know that there is currently an article of the French Civil Code (#212) that stipulates a spouse must 'respect and remain faithful' to their significant other during their marriage. Now, that one really makes me laugh.

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