Monday, September 19, 2011

DSK has his say

The French are known for their FARCES and last night's interview with Dominique Strauss-Kahn certainly ranks up there as one of the most imaginative I've ever seen. His answers were obviously very well rehearsed (probably because the interviewer is a friend of his wife's which means he most likely had the questions in advance). He threw in lots of thoughtful pauses for reflection. And even though he seemed nervous at times (sweating like a hooker in church), he didn't seem 'contrite' or 'humbled' as Le Monde reported. He appeared defiant and arrogant. He even went so far as to suggest that the whole incident was some sort of plot by the Sofitel to 'trap' him. Although, the most heinous part of this whole incident is the picture included in this post. It's of DSK and his wife, Anne Sinclair, leaving the Manhattan court after all the charges were dropped against him. Note the GIANT, BROAD smiles on both of their faces. Now, I know why he's happy (he just avoided becoming some dude's French girlfriend at Rikers Island), but WHY oh WHY is the WIFE smiling? Oh, that's right, she just found out that instead of admitting to forcible RAPE he husband has instead admitted to CHEATING on her. With a hotel maid. And apparently, THAT is cause for celebration.

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  1. Yeah...he looks super remorseful. What an ass! Great blog by the way.