Monday, February 20, 2012

The Princess & the Playboy...again

Since the beginning of the year the tabloid mags here have been going nuts over the news that Princess Caroline of Monaco's twenty-six year old daughter, Charlotte, is dating a well known French comedian fourteen years her senior. Gad Elmaleh is of Moroccan descent and has an out of wedlock son. Ironically, Caroline's first husband, Philippe Junot, was SEVENTEEN years her senior when they wed in 1978 (A marriage her parents, Prince Ranier and Princess Grace VEHEMENTLY opposed due to the fact that the groom was a notorious PLAYER). In fact, the story about their marriage in Time Magazine was entitled,The Princess and the Playboy(their marriage lasted LESS than TWO years). I'm guessing Caroline and the other stuffed shirts in Monaco are hoping pretty hard that Gad doesn't turn out to be Charlotte's Junot. Apparently Gad is introducing Charlotte to his close friends and family members as his 'girlfriend' and there seems to be a NEW picture each week of her exiting his Paris apartment in the early AM. I personally can't imagine what a beautiful and privileged you woman like Charlotte would see in Gad (what the HELL kind of name is THAT anyway?)although perhaps that is the whole appeal. She’s probably been surrounded by pretty boys her entire life. Men that your average French gal would consider Prince Charming. She has probably grown bored by them and wants to push some boundaries. And LORD knows a middle aged comedian with a teenage son is pushing the boundaries!


  1. Wow. She's gorgeous!! She's got a slightly androgynous look - like, but much less than - her Aunt Stephanie.
    I wonder what Charlotte thinks of real, real, older men. If I slapped her rear-end and said "Who's your daddy" it would be too close to the chronological truth and we would both feel uncomfortable.
    I remember a picture of her mother when about the same age and same hair style. Looks just like dear mom. Yes I carried a torch for Princess Carolyn for a while.

  2. Actually, Gad is a Hebrew name meaning "fortune" or "luck".