Monday, February 27, 2012

Epic Fail

And completing the Trifecta of Monaco’s Royal Family Making Headlines for ALL The WRONG reasons: here we have the odd couple, (Prince Fat Albert and Princess Trashlene) at the Oscars last night. They were the invited guests of Disney President, Bob Iger (which is the ONLY reason Robin Roberts held up a microphone for Fat Al’s babbling). She didn't even ask ‘who are you wearing (a standard question always asked in interviews on the Red Carpet). In fact, there was an odd pause at the beginning where it looked for a moment that Robin didn’t even know who the heck he was. Apparently Fat Al’s been working on his stutter because he managed to string a sentence together without LONG pauses between words. Although you'd think he would've been more prepared to answer somewhat coherently. Even I could have predicted he was going to be asked about his mother and yet, when Robin Roberts brought up how ironic it was that this was his FIRST time at the Oscars even though is mother was a regular at the ceremony back in her day, here is what he said: "First, we are thrilled to be here and thanks to Bob and Willow for inviting us. Yes, well it's impossible NOT to think of her at this point. This year marks the 60th anniversary of her winning that Oscar and the 30th anniversary of my mother’s passing. We look forward to sharing this evening with everyone and of course keeping her well within our minds and our hearts." Say WHAT? There is something seriously wrong with him. And speaking of seriously wrong, that pretty much describes Trashlene’s look last night. I would have expected something Va Va Va Voom, but this dress did NOTHING for her. The color, the fit, neither one was right for her. Last night was the night to wear BLING worthy of a PRINCESS, and a gown like that kick ass fuschia colored one she wore to the Red Cross Ball (see photo, above). She wouldn’t even have had to borrow the bling from jewelers, she HAS IT! She should have rocked this event. Total fail. Plus, she looked absolutely MISERABLE. Couldn’t she have at least FORCED a smile? How can you be sad on the red carpet at the OSCARS!? Later on in the evening I saw these two wandering around the red carpet, trying to get interviewed by other networks, but NO takers. Nobody wanted ANYTHING to do with them. If the point of their attendance was to promote MORONACO and get attention it's another BIG fat failure, everything they touch turns to CACA!


  1. Allison
    You've got a great blog here, what with you being very perceptive and mixing it nicely with a great sense of humor. Excellent commentary. Keep it up!!!!

    The Oscars are fast fading with less viewers every year and ratings barely above 'My Name Is Earl' reruns.
    And hauling out as MC the - try to be funny but aint - twit Billy Crystal for the umpteenth time. Sad. In that context, fat Albert fit in perfectly as 'honored guest'.
    Poor Charlene is probably spending some of her time compiling her 'lovers' list including rendezvous places.

  2. We all know Charlene is not happy with crappy Albert. Her face tells a story!!