Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacay in the USA

We are returning to the USA for the next two weeks to repatriate our kids and enjoy a little R&R. I just wanted to let all my peeps know why this blog won't be updated until after August 5th. We are staying at my Dad's house a man who doesn't believe in paying 'extra' for a fast internet connection and thus he still has what I like to call 'Dino Dial Up' (the internet connection that is still hooked up to his phone). I refuse to blog via Dino Dial Up. Also, DH just informed me that you're not supposed to tell anyone when you go on vacation, because they'll come and rob your house. And to that I say, bienvenue and bonne chance. See, we live in a building that has not one but TWO coded security doors. On top of that, the door to our apartment is as thick as a bank vault. Really. The exterior is all lovely embossed wood, but once you open it, it is 18 inches of thick, heavy, steel. Donc, mes amis, see you in aout.

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