Sunday, April 10, 2011

To Speedo or Not To Speedo? That Is The Question

So, the rule here in France (and pretty much everywhere in Europe) is that guys wear teeny Speedo bathing suits. Nobody, but nobody owns the bathing trunks so popular in the United States. And while you can wear anything you want in the ocean, at public pools if you are a male of the species you are required, yes I said required, to wear a Speedo (also known as a Banana Hammock). My husband, the incredibly macho military guy absolutely REFUSES to even entertain the idea of wearing a Speedo. And, it's not because he's not in shape. It is because he is extremely modest and prefers the extra coverage of his swim trunks. Of course, this creates a dilema because I cannot very well supervise two children who are just learning to swim by myself. So, my daughters' pleas to go to Aquaboulevard (the awesome, indoor water park in Paris) will have to be quelled for yet another year. Quel dommage!

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  1. Mon Dieu! I agree with your husband: when it comes to Speedos, just say NO!