Sunday, April 3, 2011

Priorité à droite

When we first arrived here, I was very intimidated by driving in the city. I would refuse to go anywhere unless I knew exactly how to get there and back. There and back because the French have this annoying habit of making almost every freakin' road in this city a one way. So, while it may be smooth sailing getting somewhere, when you go to take the same route home, you're screwed. DH decided that the best way for me to get comfortable driving in Paris was to practice...a lot. Problem is, on any given day there is a plethora of impatient Parisians on the road, which means within one minute of starting my 'driving lesson' we have a line of honking cars trailing along behind us. Then DH came up with a brilliant idea: Sunday morning driving lessons. No one in Paris does much of anything on Sundays so the roads were clear for me to 'experiment' with different routes. Turns out, I needed not be so nervous after all, 'cause apparently there is only ONE rule of the road in Paris: priorité à droite which basically means you must yield to anyone coming from your right. Remember all those pesky rules they made us memorize in Driver's Education? pass only on the left, yield to pedestrians, look before you back up. Well, they don't exist here.


  1. I'll stick to driving in Germany I think. The Normans don't consider themselves 'French' and mentioning Paris there requires some severe spitting on the ground ...

  2. I didn't drive when my sisters and I visited Paris, but I did drive once we got to Provence. I was fine with priorite a droite, until it came to entering traffic circles, where "vous n'avez PAS la priorite!" I can still hear my sisters shouting that at me, and laughing hysterically.

    PS can I have the Madeline apartment?