Friday, March 4, 2011

To Tip or Not to Tip?

People who come to visit us usually ask just two questions before heading out for a day of sightseeing: #1 Where is the nearest ATM? and #2: Should we leave a tip?
To tip or not to tip is a source of real anxiety for Americans. Parisians never tip. Ever. Even if the service was impecable. Probably because they know that a portion of their bill goes to pay the waiter's salary (which is why it costs thirteen bucks for two croissants and two espressos). I usually leave a Euro or two after enjoying my daily grand crème and croissant aux amandes because I frequent the very same café, day after day. I know the people that work there and they know me. However, in a city where you are a stranger, no need to tip. Act like a Parisian and stiff 'em, right? WRONG! I tell all Americans who visit us to leave a token tip on every bill because while Parsians are known for stiffing the help, Americans are known for tipping, and over tipping at that. Unless you can pass as a Parisian, you better leave something for the waiter because he's undoubtedly already identified you as an American and is looking forward to that euro coin on the table. So, unless you want him to spit in your café crème next time you come by (nobody calls it café au lait anymore) you better pony up the cash!

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  1. I'm French, and I often tip. It depends on the quality of the service of course. And I do not tip for a coffee, if I'm alone. I leave a tip in restaurants, bars or salon de thé (like Angelina miam!).