Friday, March 11, 2011

La Madeleine Apartment

Each military person who takes a post at the Embassy is entitled to a rent free apartment. Before we moved here the Embassy housing office sent us the dimensions of the apartment we would be moving into in order to know what we could/should bring with us.We knew nothing about the neighborhood or even on which floor our apartment was located. Because I speak the language, I have since designated myself the official 'apartment inspector'. Once a family is assigned to move here, I go to the Embassy and liase with the housing office on their behalf. I check out the apartment that is proposed and report back to the family. This week I was asked to go and check out a lovely little apartment just down the street from ours. It was on the top floor of a building that is located right next to the Madeleine church. I called my friend Julie and asked her if she'd like to come along on 'an adventure' and help me wrangle Carole during the visit. But it turns out I didn't need much help. Carole had a blast exploring the empty apartment. Sadly, the family decided against this particular apartment because, even though the location was awesome, the apartment is located on a main street which made it quite noisy--even 5 floors up!

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