Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VIP Treatment

Although,once, something magical did happen to me at the Ritz. I was headed there to meet a friend of mine for afternoon tea. As my taxi sailed along rue Royale headed to the 1st arrondissement it started to rain. I dreaded having to get out of the taxi because I had spent a long time getting my hair just right and I knew that as soon as the rain touched my head, it would start to curl and frizz. Au revoir perfect chignon. However, upon our arrival in front of the Ritz, something magical happened. A group of hotel employees holding umbrellas came jogging out to meet my taxi. They formed a long line which shielded me from the downpour as I made my way across the wide sidewalk up the stairs to the front door. Not a single drop of rain touched me as I sailed along that long line of smiling men holding out umbrellas. Talk about VIP service. What gal could resist that?

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