Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Edition

During this heated election season, I have to say that one of the benefits of living overseas that I most enjoy is the fact that I am not bombarded daily with television ads for the candidates. Or people pounding on my door, or calling my house non-stop. Being from New Hampshire, (one of the Swing States still up for grabs), I get a daily earful from my parents and siblings about how they no longer answer the phone or the door because its always someone campaigning. They are anxiously counting down the hours to Election Day so that things can get back to 'normal.'
Important American events, such as this election, also provide unique insight into how the French see my country. Every one of my French friends has an opinion of the candidates and are anxious to share it. Alexandre, a left leaning lawyer is very Pro-Obama: 'How could anyone vote for a man who made his fortune through the misery of others? A man who stashes cash in offshore accounts and pays less taxes than his secretary? Romney disgusts me.' In fact, the majority of my French friends are Pro-Obama (although one of them admitted to me that she finds Mitt Romney's American accented French, 'adorable.')
Another great source of information (and entertainment) is scrolling through the comments of the online newspapers. It's amazing how closely the opinions mirror those of certain groups of Americans.
You have the Conspiracy Theorist: "Obama isn't even an American! How can anyone vote for him again?!!"
The Apathetic: "It doesn't matter who wins, nothing is going to change."
The Wackjob: "Vive Romney and his lovely smelling wife..."
And The Realist: "For 90% of the French this election will change nothing. I will get up the next day, and nothing in my life will have changed. So can someone explain to me why we are being bombarded daily with information on this election?"
Regardless of how you feel about the election, I sincerely hope that all Americans will go vote! Because, if you don't, you relinquish all rights to complain about who is running the country for the next four years!

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