Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vive les Vacances!

Just a heads up to all my loyal followers that this blog will be unattended for the next three weeks. It's time for our yearly vacation to the Good 'Ole US OF A to repatriate our daughters. I'm catching lots of merde from my kids' teachers for pulling them out of school two weeks before summer vacay officially starts but I could care less. We do this every year because Air France JACKS up the prices on flights to the US starting in mid-June. We save close to a grand doing it this way and that's well worth listening to the maîtresse bitch about how pulling them out two weeks early is going to 'erase everything they've learned this year.' Yeah, right. Nice try, honey. I'm outta here. Bonnes vacances, tout le monde!

1 comment:

  1. The rules! The RULES!!. We mustn't break the rules! It's great to be disobedient at times.
    Here's wishing you a tres bien time.