Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flying the French Skies

Our return trip to Paris was much more pleasant, due mainly to the fact that we flew Air France. Of course, we had to go through the American security molestation exercise but once on board it was like entering a different world. The crew was very pleasant and respectful (and they were all Parisians! Imagine that! Parisians besting Americans on manners, I never thought I'd see that day). No one tried to restrict passenger movement on the plane (except during takeoff and landing, of course) and upon hearing my daughter's frantic pleas of 'pee pee, pee pee!' the person waiting to use the lavatory in front of us insisted we go in front of them. Add to this the fact that the food was good and plentiful and a bottle of FREE wine came standard with every meal, well I can safely say we'll never fly home on any other carrier. Merci, Air France!

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