Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Refuse To Be Brad Pitt's Nanny

Not that he’s asked me but, if he did, I’d say no way and here’s why: him and Angelina are apparently overly indulgent parents. Several quotes that he gave to an American publication about their parenting style have now made it into the international media and oh my gravy are they scary. First, about his kids, he told Us Magazine, and this is a direct quote, “Listen, I just want them to do whatever makes them happy. I don’t want to encumber them in any way.” He also admitted to Parade Magazine that “It’s chaos at our house from morning until the lights go out and sometimes after that.” Now, I’m all about kids being ‘unencumbered.’ I believe that the majority of American parents over schedule their kids with all kinds of lessons and activities and that most children do not get enough time to just play. However, you cannot raise children without discipline and rules or else your kids grow up to be spoiled brats. Now, imagine we added millions of dollars into the mix. So, to recap, Brad and Angie’s kids are being raised in an environment where there are very few rules AND they have access to a large amount of cashola. I cannot wait to see how this turns out.


  1. I totally agree. That's the one thing I really appreciate about China (even if it is a little extreme) is that children here have discipline, rules and are well behaved. You can go to any family restaurant here and not have to worry about crazy "free" children running around ruining your dinner.

  2. I can't believe I just found another person that says oh my gravy ... awesome!! haha