Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reverse Tiger Mom

It was only a matter of time before this happened. In a weird twist, these people are the reverse of that overbearing Yale law professor who bereats her kids in Chinese. Both Kathy Witterick and her husband, David Stocker, lamented the fact that parents make 'so many choices for their children, it's obnoxious' Thus, they decided to give the latest addition to their family an ambiguous name (Storm) and not reveal the baby's gender to anyone. I was a bit surprised to read that these folks hailed from Toronto. I felt sure they made their home in California--specifically Freak Central (Venice Beach). Although I wonder why they even chose a name for the kid at all. Why not call them 'you' or 'it' until the child can decide what they want their name to be? Furthermore, why communicate with them using English? Isn't that making a choice for the child as well? Why not let them choose which language they want to communicate in when they grow up? Until then you can communicate with them using grunts, just like the cavemen used to do (which would be perfect for these folks 'cause clearly they are neanderthals).


  1. I definitely agree with everything you wrote about them. Ive wondered if they plan on telling their children they are Canadian? After all that would be forcing that onto them.

  2. I just read about this. The whole idea is so incredibly stupid that it's comical. You cannot live in a regular neighborhood and do this TO your child. The poor child will be ridiculed throughout its entire childhood, probably by it's own siblings too. Eventually it will resent its parents so much it has to move to the other side of the earth to escape. -I just found your blog, it' great. I am an expat in Beijing (slightly less glamorous)
    paidinchina.blogspot .com