Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paris Loves Hookers

A lovely place to hang around in Paris is the Pigalle area. Actually, I am being sarcastic, it is a horrible place to hang around. La Place de Pigalle is the epicenter of peep shows, sex shops, strip clubs, and other X-rated, adults-only adventures. But the Mairie de Paris must think it is a great place to drive around, very, very slowly because they have recently reduced a three lane road down to just one. Obviously, the sex shops and prostitutes have been suffering from a decline in business and these traffic slowing measures have been introduced to increase the levels of curb-crawling.
Thanks to an observant and astute friend, Amy, I need to ammend this post.
Amy pointed out, and rightly so, that the French government is actually doing
people a favor by making them drive incredibly slow, because choosing a hooker should NEVER be a hasty decision. Touché, my friend,touché.


  1. SO GLAD to find your blog! You are living my dream, so I'm glad to follow you :)How cool you are living in Paris! Can't wait to read more.